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A Must see documentary!!!!

Invisible Children

Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole
55 min 8 sec - Apr 7, 2006
Hey everyone, m
ake sure you check out the invisible children web site. You will find more short videos and pictures. Have your friends and family watch the film. Spread the news and check out some of the many ways you can help.

The whole world needs to watch this!

To watch the film click on the link at the bottom of this post (it takes a few seconds to load) or you can purchase the dvd from the invisible children site.

In the spring of 2003, three young Americans traveled to Africa in search of such a story. What they found was a tragedy that disgusted and inspired them. A story where children are weapons and children are the victims. The "Invisible Children: rough cut" film exposes the effects of a 20 year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. These children live in fear of abduction by rebel soldiers, and are being forced to fight as a part of violent army. This wonderfully reckless documentary is fast paced, with an MTV beat, and is something truly unique. To see Africa through young eyes is humorous and heart breaking, quick and informative - all in the very same breath. See this film, you will be forever changed.

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a very long time. The beginning of the film is about the three young men as they are preparing to leave for Africa. It is definitely not a waste of your time! It's about an hour long so maybe you can replace one of those Friday or Saturday night movie rentals with this film. The crisis in Africa has been one of my passions for a very long time.

I give this documentary four stars and two thumbs up!

If you watch the film leave me a comment. I would like to know what everyone thinks of it. Thanks

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